Up-Level Your Life

An Intimate & Transformational Virtual Intensive

Tuesday, July 31

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's if you have a desire to create something in your life,

then you also have the power to fulfill that desire.

That's a Universal Truth.

It's impossible to have a desire for something that you cannot fulfill and manifest in your life.

In fact, it's already here, it's just waiting for you to reach out and claim it.

What's stopping you?
What's stopping you?

Tell me something....

How many times has an opportunity for you to take action to grow your business, or to fulfill a desire crossed your path, but because of your current circumstances you didn't say "YES"...

...and instead you said:

  • I don't have the time
  • I can't afford it
  • It's too risky
  • My husband/family/friends won't approve.
  • What if I fail?
  • I don't know how
  • It's selfish
  • I can't use borrowed money
  • I don't have enough clients
  • I don't have enough leads
  • I should be happy with what I have
  • I'm JUST not ready / It's not the right time

Nafissa Knows

It may FEEL like it's your circumstances that are keeping you where you are, but I want to share something really important with you:

That's FEAR disguised as practicality.

What you're seeing & experiencing is nothing more than what you believe.

It's nothing that's going on around you or happening to you.

Rather it's what's going on within you and from you.

Please don't take that as a judgment or even as anything negative.

The first step in changing anything is identifying what's NOT working, at the very root cause.

If you don't yet have what you want.... you've allowed yourself to be led by your fears instead of your faith and desires.

Your business, income, bank account and lifestyle are a direct reflection of what's guiding you at a conscious and subconscious level.

That means whatever you're experiencing - lack of sales, lack of clients, lack of time, lack of money...

...through your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and ultimately your actions -

And, that's actually REALLY cool.

Because whatever obstacle is stopping you - you've put it there.

That means YOU have the power to move it.

That's right. You can choose to change your results TODAY.

It Sounds So Simple - But Where Do You Begin?

You start by living in faith and desire. That means saying:


to everything that's meant for you. Even if...

it seems crazy, selfish, scary, unaffordable or totally impractical.

And even if other people don't approve.

When you lead with faith & desire... ...you create magic in your life.

The money will follow. You create FREEDOM.

Denise Ropp

Vibrant Life Project

"I'm so blessed to have Nafissa as my mentor.

In our work together my income increased 150% while I reduced my hours in my business by 25%"

Rosemarie Barnes

Confident Stages

"I tripled my income in our first month of working together"

What I know for sure...

is that when you follow the deepest desires of your heart and your soul's calling,

and when you're living and building a business "on purpose"...

you will be presented with opportunities.

Those opportunities will lead you and give you everything you need to create a life of freedom and fulfilment.

BUT you have to be able to recognize the right opportunities, and the right strategy for you....

To be able to do that requires a shift in your thinking...

to truly understanding what's creating your current results, so you can

lose the fear and to let faith guide you.

What does it take to create what you truly desire through a business that rocks your world?




It’s all of the above...

and my superpower is bringing them together to create magic.

And since "how you do one thing, is how you do everything", when you identify and release what's truly holding you back in your business - it will carry through into every part of your life.

Would you like to up-level your life?

Join me for an intimate and transformative online virtual retreat & training program:

Up-level Your Life

I created this program to give you the tools to "Flip the Script" from Fear to Faith.

Each week (on Tuesdays) during the month of July, you'll receive a training or reflective exercise designed to get you digging deep within yourself.

And then...

on the final Tuesday, July 31, 2018 you'll experience your live, online VIP Intensive.

From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific (with breaks of course!) we'll meet as a group virtually by Zoom.

This is where you'll benefit from training, exercises, deep coaching & masterminding.

Space is limited to a MAXIMUM of 12 participants.

During this program you will:

  • Uncover personal insights like the #1 place where your blocked the most.

  • Take a deep dive into who you are BEING, what needs to shift, and learn how to make that shift happen.

  • Learn to start leading all your decisions with DESIRE in order to fulfill what you know you're here to do.

  • Create YOUR unique action plan based on the RIGHT strategy for you.
  • Learn how to implement your new strategy to increase your income, and up-level your life.

One Payment of

This program is for you if:

  • You can't remember the last time you bought something for yourself, just for the joy it.

  • The thought of spending any money on yourself makes you feel guilty.

  • You've made mistakes in business decisions in the past or have accumulated debt, and you're paralyzed by the fear of making another wrong choice.

  • You spend way to much time "should-ing" instead of truly doing what YOU want.
  • Your income is not consistent month to month.

  • Making money feels hard - and so you keep working "Harder" and its killing you - Personal freedom seems like an impossible dream.

  • You have no idea how you'll make your income goals - especially with the business you have.

  • You don't pay yourself NEARLY enough.

  • Your circumstances keep getting in the way of your dreams.
  • Your business is more than just a business. It's your passion, your purpose, and you KNOW it's meant for so much more, and you're ready to make that happen -starting NOW.

How it Works

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect.


Right Away - As soon as you enroll you'll be taken to an intake form, as well as a quiz. I want to know as much about you, your business, and your goals as I can before our intensive.

This will allow me to understand your current results that you want to change.


Week # 1 - You'll receive your first reflection exercise/assignment - you'll dig deep into YOU, and how you've shown up in your life, business and results.

You'll gain incredible insight and awareness into how you've actually been stopping yourself (without knowing it) and the small shifts you can make to create massive change.


Week # 2 - You'll receive 2 trainings. - both with audio and handouts.

The first training is on cleaning up money clutter, the second is how to have money conversations from an empowered place.

To truly up-level your life - money cannot be a cause of stress or chaos.


Week # 3 - You'll discover your current income set point. (everyone has one)

Then, you'll work through an exercise to help you understand what's causing this set point, and to create an awareness of what you need to do to break through it and increase the income you make consistently.


Week #4 - This is the week you'll examine any loose ends in your life - the little things you haven't taken care of because you've put yourself last - that are blocking your energy of receiving.

You'll start to tidy them up (without overwhelm).

You'll also start the process of up-levelling in EVERY aspect of your life.

You'll receive a beautiful workbook and training audio to guide you through this process.


VIP Day July 31 - We come together in a unique, intimate, virtual VIP Intensive and Mastermind.

This will be a powerful day of collaboration, coaching, training, masterminding & breakthroughs.

"I'm designing my business to fit the life I desire, not letting my business run my life.

The inner work was crucial. That's where I worked on my beliefs about myself and what I could accomplish.

I am part of a community of women who all support each other in our success

The requests are beginning to roll in for paid work at the FEES I SET"

Liz Horvath

Hale Health & Safety Solutions

Creator of The Flourishing Leader Program

"Working with Nafissa is all about creating true time and money freedom.

When we first started working together I was stuck, and thought I just needed to work harder and then money would come.

I was wrong. I had to learn a new way to BE.

In our first year working together I increased my income 30%, and the next year I doubled it.

And now I travel the world while making a healthy multi 6 figure income."

Nona Ilieva, MBA

Mining Industry Professional

I sure hope you'll join me!

Here's what I know for sure:

Success will NEVER be found in any "Proven 7 Step Formula" or Blueprint.

It can ONLY be found inside of YOU.

When you start to believe, think, and decide in FAITH based upon the circumstances you DESIRE not the circumstances you HAVE...

....you'll flip the switch and start increasing your income exponentially.

And then one day, you suddenly find you HAVE the circumstances you desire.

I'll see you on the inside.

Is there a refund policy?

If you're not happy with your purchase, I'll be happy to credit the full amount towards another program that you can use within 12 months. Please understand as you'll be receiving digital materials - no refund is availalbe.

Why is this in USD?

Living Forward serves an international market and our base currency for all transactions is USD. Canadians please note that HST/GST will be charged on the full value of the transaction as per CRA requirements.

Will the VIP Day be recorded?

No, as this is a group experience, in order to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all participants, this program will not be recorded.

Is there a PRIVATE option?

Yes, if you wish to do this program privately - simply email support@nafissashireen.com and my team will connect us to discuss options for you to work privately with me.

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