Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Are You Ready to Create a Highly Profitable & Luxurious Business and Life?


You’re in the right place!  I understand where you are coming from.  You have found your passion, and your dream is to make a difference in this world, and to make great money doing it, while you live your ideal lifestyle?

Yet, do you find you just aren’t making the kind of money you know in your heart is possible, nor the impact you dream about?

worried entrepreneurs

Are you prepared for the “business” of being in business?

Instead, are you:

  • Facing sleepless nights feeling out of control and overwhelmed?  You aren’t sure what to focus on, what to do next,  and don’t even know what questions to ask.
  • Working too much, with little to no time off?
  • Lacking confidence and undervaluing yourself, and slowly losing your passion?
  • Wanting to grow, but are plateaued and/or just not sure what to do next, or even if you can handle it?
  • Stressed about money and relying on credit cards and personal savings to smooth out cash flow?
Are you ready to start living your ideal lifestyle while making the impact you dream of?
Passion + Strategy = Profits & Impact


Passion & purpose are crucial to creating a business that aligns with your vision and the impact you want to make.  Unfortunately, they are not enough. And guess what? Neither are sales!  

Having built multiple successful businesses, I understand first hand the many challenges you have when it comes to building and running your business, and what it takes to overcome them and turn that passion into a profitable business.

Your business needs a solid revenue model, and a strong foundation, that integrates the necessary financial, and overall business systems and strategies, and it needs you to be a strong and confident leader fully owning your value.  

Together, these support the income, impact and life you want to create, and keep the money flowing and your business growing.  

Without these crucial elements in place, your business is like a house without a foundation – You have something that looks real – BUT,  it feels kind of shaky, you can’t build on it, and a strong wind can wipe it away in an instant.  It won’t protect you or your family.

Just imagine…

  • Meeting and beating your money goals with plenty of cash leftover after expenses, to invest in growing your business and to pay yourself properly
  • Having predictability & clarity so that you can make all spending, investing and borrowing decisions from a place of confidence and power
  • The peace of mind that comes from having a solid business foundation that minimizes risk, supports growth and lets you sleep well at night
  • Having a strong team that supports your vision, freeing you up to do what you are best at, and who don’t require you to be there all the time
  • Making the impact you desire, because you are confident, own your value, and are fully aligned with your passion, vision and values 
  • More free time to spend with your family, and create the extraordinary life you have always wanted

It is possible, you can build a profitable business that makes a difference!

Make an Impact In the World

Hi! I’m Nafissa Shireen, The Profitability Expert™,  With 20 years experience in business operations, finance & leadership in business all sizes from multi 6 figure to multi 9 figureI don’t just focus on getting clients. I look at the whole business, and that includes your financial and business systems as well as overall strategy.

Most importantly, I also focus on YOU:  your mindset, core values and life goals.  No matter what comes up, I support you every step of the way as you step up as the confident graceful leader you know you are meant to be.

So, are you ready to build your dream business and ilfe?

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